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Note NOTICE: "...I am attempting to contact Naval personnel that have first hand knowledge of my deceased father, Admiral Frank Edward. He served with the following units: 1943 USS Monterey VC-30; 1945 USS Intrepid VF-36 and VF-18; 1947 Aviation Arament Lab, Naval Air Development Center, Jacksonville, Florida; 1950 VX-3 NAS Atlantic City, New Jersey; 1952 General Line School, Monterey, Ca.; 1953 ATU-200, NAS Kingsville, Texas CNAVANTRA; 1954 VF/VA-192, NAS Moffett Field, California; 1955 NAS Moffett Field, California, Fighter Squadron 192; 1957 BUWEPS REP El Segundo, Ca. Douglas A/C Co. Inc.; 1959 Air War College Maxwell AFB, ALA; 1960 NATTU; NAS Pensacola, Florida Photo Indoc, VF-174, NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida; and 1961 VFP-62, NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida, Commanding Officer. Anyone who served with and under my Fathers command please contact me. Thanks you very much Laura Lee Barrera (FOLTZ) lauraleebarrera@hotmail.com..." [E-Mail Updated 26MAY2003 | 11FEB2000]

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